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Why Asian-American students have a higher rate of gambling-related problems is not entirely clear, said Nolan Zane, a professor of psychology and Asian-American studies at the University of California-Davis. He thinks cultural, social and psychological factors all play a role. In many Asian cultures, he noted, a belief in good luck or fortune pervades customs and rituals. At family and social events, for example, many Asian-American adults bet money in games that involve skill and chance, such as mahjong. Often, they teach children to play, too. Exposing youngsters to gambling at an early age tends to normalize it.

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How many times can prominent industry members say there is no link between gambling addiction and loot boxes? And just like tobacco ads from decades ago, a majority are targeted at kids. Hook em young! Video Game Attorney (@MrRyanMorrison) November 28, 2018 Loot boxes have also received pushback from within the gaming community. Electronic Arts Star Wars Battlefront II included a loot box system that included Star Cards, in-game items that made players stronger, sparking outrage after it created what some gamers called a pay to win system . After widespread backlash, Electronic Arts removed the ability to purchase loot boxes entirely . After the community criticism of Electronic Arts, politicians began to take notice. Hawaii state representatives called the Star Wars Battlefront II loot box system a predatory practice and compared it to an online casino. Politicians outside the U.S. have also taken notice. On Tuesday, an Australian Senate committee recommended a comprehensive review of loot boxes.

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